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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  January 7, 2015 11:00am-1:01pm EST

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[speaking french] [speaking french] stuart: terror in paris, 12 dead and a newspaper that satirized as long. in the heart of the city, three gunmen went through the newsroom asking for a specific people. editor and lead cartoonist shot dead. president francois holland called it a terrorist attack. over here the president called it a terrible act of violence but 30 minutes later used the words terror attack. just look at this.
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[shouting] [gunfire] that last scene there is one of the terrorists shooting dead in cold blood a parisian policeman. three gunmen escaped. one of them shot the police officer at cold blood in close range. you saw that. what degree of surveillance is allowed here? will we be attacked? the parliament building in ottawa, the coffee shop in sydney australia the newspaper office in paris again will we be attacked again? colonel ralph peters on that one in just a moment. i want to top out what is happening in the markets get you caught up before we get to colonel ralph peters. the dow is up 135 points. remember in the last two days it has lost 500. maybe the fed is many could together rescue. we'll pose that question
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throughout the day's program. stocks are up this morning. look at price of oil briefly earlier today it touched $46 a barrel. right now it is at 48. and here is our interest rate barometer. this is quick sketch of the marketplace. we're at 1.98% is the yield on 10-year treasury. it is below 2%. all right. let's get to the terror attack in paris. colonelof a peters in paris. you say this is attack on freedom of speech. yes it is. so what should we be doing here right now? >> well the first thing we should do if we had any guts at all would publish the "charlie hebdo" cartoons of muhammad on front page of every english speaking newspaper in the world "new york times,," the guardian, "the times of london," "washington post" but we won't because beyond al the tears and fears we're hearing this morning, stuart, the terrorists already won. "charlie hebdo" wasn't a
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vanguard. "charlie hebdo" was the last outpost of a real freedom of speech. we self-censor. "charlie hebdo," i followed them for years. their cartoons were often crude humor was sophomoric, and sometimes downright offensive but they were brave they were brave. and there is not a single magazine in the english-speaking world that has that kind of courage to take on islamists fanaticism, to mock it. islamists tyrants of all times hate satire. we saw censorship islamic style, islamic style. we saw a massacre of unof the last true freedoms of -- beacon of press freedoms. stuart: do you think the scenes in paris will be repeated here? is this terror coming here again? >> if the terrorists have their say it certainly will. there is no question about it. they want to hit us.
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it is credit to effectiveness of our security they haven't been able to pull it off. this was a very impressive terrorist operation. this wasn't local yokels. this was clearly well-planned, they were well-armed. they were really cool and methodical how they did it. the getway was smooth. this was a military operation no question about it. the fact they could pull that off in france. this wasn't, suicide bombing in istanbul turkey, that was not heart of pakistan, this was the heart of paris. this is troubling but yes they will try to hit us. another funny thing this morning, funny in a dark, dark way, i heard no end of talking heads calling for more surveillance to prevent this they were the same talking head who were criticizing the nsa for running surveillance programs that kept us safe. stuart: that's right. >> oh, by the way, those terrorists who slaughtered the staff of "charlie hebdo," they
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are the people senator feinstein doesn't want to water board. stuart: colonel peters. hold on one second. i have a local angle. i want to cover it locally. mary kiss letter, from "the wall street journal" editorial board. new york city, surely a prime target yet security forces here in the city are at odds with the mayor. we even had a wounded new york city cop who didn't want the mayor to come visit him in the hospital. that is what it has come to. what is going on here? >> you can't say that enough, stuart. new york is target number one here in america for terrorism. we know, this is public information. there has been at least one significant terror attack attempted against new york city every single year since 9/11. stuart: are we in a position to cope if the mayor is at odds with the security forces? >> we're not sure that the mayor understands the see variety of the threat. mayor de blasio when he took office didn't request the kind of top secret security clearance that he need so that when the police commissioner, gets
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intelligence, that police commissioner, now bill bratton can share it with mayor de blasio. so i'm not sure that the mayor takes the threat as seriously as he should, given a level of the severity the level of threat here. stuart: mary thank you. colonel peters, we'll get back to you in a second. why is president obama so reluctant to identify this as an islamic terror attack? >> apart from the fact that he is moral and physical coward, the fundamental problem like mayor de blasio and some others on the american left row man sizes islam. as you see in hollywood you can make fun of christians, jews, attack israel all you want, whoa, don't you say nothing bad about muhammad, brother no way. this idea that somehow islam always has to have a special pass islamist fanatics, they must have some justification for what they're doing.
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it is a deadly form of surrender. by the way all of this, what mary just discussed what we saw in paris today we'll be seeing, timidity of our country to really go after terrorists seriously, it is strategic decadence. when a civilization, the finest civilization for all its fault this is world ever produced lost the will to defend itself. you have to do whatever it takeses and our leaders are not willing to do it. stuart: listen to this. howard dean on another news channel earlier this morning literally moments ago, he said, don't call it muslim terrorism. didn't even want to say. that he won't use those words. don't call by that name. that is retreat. >> well it certainly is. you know, words matter, muslim, islamic, islamic terror. at the end of the day at the end of the day we are not helping law-abiding decent
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muslim citizens by kowtowing to the extreme elements. when the white house as president bush did as well as obama kowtowed to the likes of the council on american islamic relation, the most radical ugly voices that want to drive a wedge between muslims and the rest of america when we kowtow to them, when they're the prime guests at the white house we are undercutting the millions of law-abiding, decent, hard-working muslims in our country. you see it around the world. we've at got got to be honest about the fight. the fight is not with all of islam. but it is death match fight to extermination, with islamic fanatics are killing vastly more muslims every day than killing westerners. stuart: colonel ralph peters, pleasure to have you on the show. we appreciate you being here. >> thank you stuart. stuart: back to the market, stocks bouncing back, is not that big of a deal, up 105 points after losing 500 in two days.
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today, janet yellen fed chair indicates rates won't be going up anytime soon. don't know what she will say. we'll find out later this afternoon. maybe we have a strong jobs report on friday. maybe those two factors helping the market. what do you say, mary? >> any ral i you see today is based on a hope somehow central bankers will swoop in and save the day. it might have something to do with the fact we had such a steep fall earlier in the week. traders may have come in saying that was overshot. one thing to note, it isn't just janet yellen, earlier this week the san francisco fed chair came out and also say, rate rises are in the future. if and when that happens it will be gradual. stuart: that drop in the price of oil really changed things a lot. >> it has. a huge change. stuart: president obama the obstructionist? already threatening two vetoes barely one day into the new countries. and speaking of the new congress, i give you awkward picture of the week, of the day. there it is.
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stuart: losing a little steam. we were up 150. now we're up 95. 17, four is the count. jcpenney is winner. reported higher sales. quickly, nicole, how big of a winner? >> good news for jcpenney stock. 17.25% to the upside. good news showing september and december holiday sales better than expected.
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brian sozzi says macy es and others will look good. stuart: that is a nice gain, nicole 17%. back to the paris terror attack. we understand parisians are organizing for demonstrations later on today demonstrations against extremist islam. is this, mary kissell a turning point a wake-up call in paris? >> if this isn't a wake-up call for france, what is? stuart, the french people, the french government has been quite tolerant of things like anti-semitic attacks, some very radical rhetoric coming out of muslim leadership there. stuart: there has been a series of anti-semitic attacks directly on jewish people. >> and several jews killed in recent years. roger kukerman is one of guys to follow if you're interested learning about that. stuart, if this isn't a wake-up call, not just to france but all the nations of europe. think of all the attacks.
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london bombings. beheading of lee rigby in london. terror in germany. terror in italy. when are they going to wake up? stuart: i wonder if it is today. i wonder how many people will come out on the streets of paris and support free speech and condemn the extremists who conducted this terror attack. will they do it in numbers? >> if they do, let's hope it lasts. remember the reaction after 9/11? france was all behind us. then suddenly when it wasn't politically popular to back the bush administration, where were they? stuart: hold on a second. i want to go to capitol hill president obama already threatening vetos. the latest on a 40-hour work week being proposed by republicans, that would change obamacare. congressman michaelly is with us from d.c. all right congressman first of all, i want to ask you about his proposed veto of the keystone pipeline. i think there is a link here to this terror attack in paris.
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why would the president veto a measure which would help america become more energy independent where we want to get away from deporting oil from our declared enemies? >> i agree with you. making our settles energy self-sufficient and biggest exporter of energy in the world which would undercut those rogue countries. it is hard to understand why the president would think this way this is clear to every single american this is not a president we thought who he was going to be. this president is doing things upside down. it doesn't make sense to any of us. stuart: doesn't this force the issue though? there is dreadful terrorist attack in paris and we're rejecting a small move towards energy independence, doesn't this put real pressure on the president to say let's do this thing and let's get energy independence. is there no pressure for him to say this. >> you and i would agree with
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that. i watched this president for last six years i don't understand why the stances he takes and things he does and more than ever, stuart, the american people have awakened, this was never supposed to happen. this was never supposed to be who we are. when the leader of the free world, the president of the united states, does the things he is doing right now, the vacuum of leadership at the top is being created and it is going to be filled with bad players. i agree with you. i think american people, not only given one term, but two terms. he have this to be sitting back saying my gosh, could we have been so wrong and so fooled in the delivery that we fell for the speech and not for the actions? i think we're seeing that almost every day now. the keystone pipeline, the 40-hour work week, why would you take away from american workers and i'm a republican who serves in congress but this is america's congress, this is america's government. why would this president turn his back on the very people that have given him two opportunities to lead this country and do it in such a shoddy way and disrespectful for those that get
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up every morning to work so hard to put a roof over their head, food on the table clothes on their backs and promise of the future. it doesn't make sense. stuart: congressman michaelly we appreciate you taking time out in very busy day. >> thank you so much. stuart: time is money. big show today lots to pack in. in 30 seconds i have three headlines for you. federal debt growing by $789 billion just in 2014 alone. that is the calendar year, all those billions added to the debt. that would be more than $84,000 for every full-time private sector worker added to the debt just in one year for each of those people. california's high-speed rail breaking ground. originally supposed to cost 33 billion. now it will cost at least 68 billion probably a whole lot more. governor brown says, don't worry. the state will find the money. you think he wants it from you and i? petco concerns that chinese-made dog treats sickened
11:19 am
pets and killed a thousand dogs has petco pulling those treats made in china from their shelves. governor christie getting heat from going to a dallas cowboys game when he should have been trying to save a thousand jobs at mercedes new jersey headquarters. they're bolting to georgia. we'll deal with that in a moment. ♪
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stuart: how about this campbell's soup best performing s&p stock in all the s&p 500. possible takeover interests sending it higher to the tune of 4%. we have mercedes, it is moving its headquarters from new jersey to georgia taking a thousand jobs with them. lauren simonetti is here to tell them where new jersey ranks in the state that is good to do business? >> almost dead last. stuart: really? >> the tax foundation says it is 49. georgia is number 32. mercedes isn't going to tell you we're moving down south to save money with taxes. stuart: but they are. >> analysts say they save big
11:24 am
money, land cost, lower wages lower taxes you get in georgia they can save 10 to 20% of their annual operating expenses. stuart: could be new jersey is not turning off mercedes by nasty regulations. >> no. stuart: georgia is turning on mercedes by lower costs? >> talk about these two governors, governor chris christie and governor nathan deal tried to get mercedes. christie tried to keep it. deal tried to keep it. they're friend. christie last year campaigned for deal. praising a pro-business environment for georgia. look what happened. they were both offering tax incentives, 10 of millions of dollars. mercedes said it is better to be closer to alabama manufacturing hub and southeast customer base. that is why her said made the decision. if you look at new jersey, this is terrible for chris christie. of the atlantic city two drug giants last couple years left the state. stuart: mary? >> there is not a lot of good news to talk about chris at this wants to run in 2016, her
11:25 am
said leaving his state is terrible. >> what is his platform going to be? his personality? stuart: probably. >> that is only thing he can run. chris christie has a democratic legislature so you have a little bit of sympathy for him in that respect. he does have to deal with the other side to get any kind of reform through. he has had four years now. what does he have to show for it? why is he traveling around the country and not coming back and talking to legislatures, cajoling explaining to the public what he wants to do? i think he has a tough road ahead. i think thrill will be more announcements like this if you see these southern, low-tax light touch regulatory states compete with these really burdensome northeastern states. stuart: i'm told her said produces half the cars it sells in america in alabama. >> in alabama, exactly. georgia is a couple hundred miles from alabama. stuart: and it is a so you were state. >> it's warm. >> you have new jersey, california illinois, with high corporate tax rates nine, eight
11:26 am
plus percent seeing job losses to states, texas indiana states with lower taxes. stuart: very interesting story because where is this thing going? >> follow the money. stuart: leave the south and go to the northeast? i don't think so. >> you know what? it is southern taxpayers are ones who will subsidize all of the workers on welfare in new york and new jersey. that ultimately, that is ultimately what is going to happen. stuart: economy is improving. fewer people are out of work. that means more than a million people could lose food stamp benefits this fall. left is not happy about that. liberal think-tank is lobbying congress to extend the benefits. they argue jobs that have been created in america just don't pay enough money. you can't live off of those jobs. therefore, keep the food stamps going. what do you make of that? >> the best way to fight poverty is to get a job any job. a part-time job two part-time jobs, full-time job that maybe doesn't pay what you want but we
11:27 am
know by experience working is best way to get off welfare and on your own and become self-sufficient. stuart: the left is buying votes with our money. they're putting out food stamps and saying, vote for me. >> stuart, we have real-life examples of value and power of work. when north carolina reduced its jobless benefits, its unemployment rate fell more than a point within six months because when people aren't tethered to government, they get off the couch they're incentivized to get off the couch and go find themselves a job. stuart: do you believe in the trap argument? >> absolutely, welfare repayment distribution gets to enough level there is no incentive to get out to work and every incentive to stay. >> bill clinton believed in that. that bipartisan welfare agreement he attorneyinged? that led to the biggest reduction in poverty in american history. stuart: "washington post" in an editorial yesterday president obama has completely undone all the centrist policies of
11:28 am
bill clinton. >> gutted. gutted. stuart: you read "the washington post"? >> no accountings for taste. stuart: very good. lauren, thank you. the paris paris attack could say it makes the case for more government surveillance? could you say that? get them before they get to you? you could say that can't you? keep you safe, can't you say that? we'll discuss it in a moment. just look at this.
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a little steam, up 91 instead of 150. look at green mountain winner, it will sell dr pepper's on a pause at home cold beverage system, it will be launched later this year, 5%, nice gain. back-to-back terrorist attacks in paris islamic terrorists killed 12, wounded 15 an attack on a satirical magazine in the heart of paris. joining us from washington, we often talk about events in europe. the magazine, tell us about it please. >> it is an amazing magazine. everything -- everyone who grows
11:33 am
up in france has read it at some point. whether you were outraged by it you had to learn to laugh along with them, things you never actually thought you could laugh about. more importantly to me, her growing up in france, what is the best and as needed education and free speech in a country that could use of bit more understanding. stuart: extremely brave people, we have a great quote from the editor who was murdered and the quote is basically saying extremists don't need any excuses. it should be as normal to criticize islam as it is to criticize jews or catholics. i am not going to hide. that was september of 2012 from the editor. brave thing. >> they were very brave and what he said is he would rather die than live on his knees.
11:34 am
these guys were committed to continuing being satirical about everything. the focus is on islam. in their religion, god's share of abuse of them, the pope, they are very brave people. and not have the country and political system, they were banned. they were banned for publishing a mock notice -- they were sued in 2006. they were very brave and i hope the country will learn something. stuart: what do you make of the latest move we heard about for the past hour is parisiennes are going to be out demonstrating on the streets of paris later today in large numbers, there is an organized social media attempt to get as many people out.
11:35 am
will be an anti extremist muslim demonstration it will be a ferro -- pro free-speech demonstration. is a good sign. >> it is a good sign. for once they are demonstrating for something i believe in. stuart: it is always the left in paris that is out on the streets and suddenly it is the voice of reason, free speech liberty, real liberty? is it a turning point in france and in europe? >> i hope so. only the future can tell but i read this amazing quote this morning that said it was from a danish newspaper and it said free-speech, it is free speech, hopefully the french know that now. stuart: i hope we learn it too. thank you very much as always. we appreciate having you with us. we heard the latest data paris
11:36 am
and a senior tax previously in ottawa, canada, sydney, australia and now the attack in paris today. judge andrew napolitano. i want to talk about surveillance and preventing this kind of attacks from happening. any suspicion about nefarious deeds, you track them follow them, get them and prosecute them. do you have a problem with that? >> when the events occur like the tragedy in paris more people will agree with you that we should ramp up security we should diminished privacy, we should tamper withprocess in order to preserve safety. that is the normal rational human reaction in the face of tragedy like this. my observation would be a little bit different. one of the reasons these people are dead is because they were sitting ducks. one of the reasons they're sitting ducks is you can't carry a gun in paris. this would not have happened in
11:37 am
new york city. let me finish. this would not happen in this building. stuart: when you are evading the question. my question was about -- judge napolitano: i am answering in a way different than you put it. that is not evading, that is challenging the questioner. stuart: you know where i come from on this. judge napolitano: your argument makes sense. your argument has persistently been more these things happen the less privacy there will be because human nature is to cling to safety rather than privacy, to security rather than liberty. my job is to remind people including my dear friend stuart varney, of the problems of the loss of liberty when decisions to diminish liberty are made in times of tragedy. am i still evading the question? stuart: up to a degree you are. this is a serious thing. we live in an age of nuclear
11:38 am
terror. we don't want gunmen shooting things. i am not prepared to risk a nuclear bomb in america because we don't have the guts to get out there and survey people. judge napolitano: i am not prepared to allow the executive branch of the government to nail, as you said whoever they want. we have to have fairness and due process. don't kill people on the basis of suspicion. stuart: what is wrong with suspecting somebody, following them attacking their phones looking at their e-mails and making sure they are not up to no good? judge napolitano: as long as it is done according to law which means getting a search warrant but you said nail them. maybe i misunderstood you but nail them, did you mean kill them? if that is what you mean, no civilized societies in favor of that. bernard: if i am following somebody and the authorities think they are planning something and we see them leave a building with guns, put them
11:39 am
in the trunk of a car go after it ended you have to shoot up the car you shoot it up. that is what i say. judge napolitano: we have a constitution here and thank god we do. stuart: a hypothetical. we capture one of these guys, and this person has taken part in a terrorist attack. we got him. we suspect this guy knows when the next terrorist attack takes place. who is going to do it and where it is and will be imminent. use a water boarding? judge napolitano: that would be against the law. put him in the same room with fbi agents who interrogated saddam hussein. stuart: you have months. judge napolitano: a ticking time bomb which is an interesting new law school hypothetical hasn't happened doesn't happen. this is not jack lyon this is
11:40 am
not hollywood. you can't tell me of a ticking time bomb where the government had to decide whether to torture the person who knew where the ticking time bomb was. these things don't happen. even right here in times square when some crackpot tries to deliver a bond to times square there was no ticking time bomb. they caught him in the act. connell: stuart: you catch one of them, often want to know who else did and where are they now. judge napolitano: paris is a socialist country with vastly different rules and respect for the individual and we have. they may be thinking as you are but in the mother country from which we separated when we fought a war called the revolution ended here, we don't do those things. stuart: i am glad you are on the defensive on this one. judge andrew napolitano. thanks so much indeed. here is what we have in the rest of this dramatic hour.
11:41 am
a drone automatically follows you. you can have a selfy video. aren't you sick of being on camera? father jonathan morris is here on the persecution of christians. they are being killed at an alarming and disgusting reid disappearing entirely from many parts of the middle east. we have that at 11:53.
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stuart: when i say frigid i need frigid and bridges across the northeast and colt reject the wind chill. this is the snow that is expected to fall across the great lakes region today doesn't show very well it is extremely cold. all the snow which we are predicting is accompanied by wind chills can be lower in places. we sent jeff flock outside yesterday. he is back today. we got him in an even colder place yesterday.
11:46 am
we put him on a lake in michigan. he joins us next hour. what has he got for us today. in new drone 80ing at the consumer electronics show made by a company called phrase. it uses a special camera that others tracks hands on your clothing and films everything you do. it is, video selfy, liz claman is that the consumer show in vegas with an exclusive. all right, don't we have enough cameras following us around all over the place? >> i knew you would say it, anything but. let me tell you this little guy the accessories, canadians who found this are making the camera at that goes in it. and the drone too, we introduce you to joan smith.
11:47 am
it is wonderful to see it. you created the company last year and you are watching in record time, how is it going? >> going very well. the way we operate we like to move quickly and get these products up fast. is going very well. stuart: >> let's talk about this now. this is the copter that you created secondary to the camera itself. >> absolutely. the tracer device is this camera here. it pops in and out of a series of accessories. what it can do is lock onto a user based on individual queues like coal or logo or pattern on clothing and it can click into a accessories and it will fly autonomously and stream your content to the internet. liz: when stuart varney is walking around in his lumberland that he has wearing his red and
11:48 am
white checked at that can zero in on that pattern, follow him around and make sure he is safe. >> millions of viewers would want to watch that. liz: you need to have this. let's talk about it. how tough is it? we have seen video of kangaroos dropping out of the sky, lions pulling down. >> we don't have a kangaroo claus specifically but this is guarded by a polymer. can bounce off of trees or wall for things like that like any drone. if it is hit in certain areas there are parts that can break and we have a full line of replacements. it lines streets of the internet. the live network is something we think is an important component. liz: if you don't need it to go in the air they made this thing. this company, the mtv.
11:49 am
the cameras snapping into it once again. >> this is the driver one. the idea behind this came from our partnerships with the state community. partnerships in the skate community this kate community as you have seen like to capture them from down low and that will be one of their friends hitting on a skateboard, riding along beside them, uncomfortable position to be in. this will chase you all over the park, all over the track, where everyone to go. liz: stewart is a skater. too so it will be perfect for him. trace is the name of the company. the canadian scheme of with it last year and leavitt already. in the next hour live made by a motor. it is very discreet. you just glance down when you get a notification. we will show it to you live next. stuart: good stuff and thanks for making me look so good.
11:50 am
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stuart: the persecution of christians on the rise in places
11:54 am
where it has not historically been much of an issue. asia, latin america and sub-saharan africa. joining us now fox news contributor father jonathan morris. an organization called open boards, it is suggested that christianity may be extinct in the middle east. here is a question. a lot of people feel islam has declared war on christianity. do you see it that way? >> yes. up problem however is you can't say islam as a whole because there is no such thing. calfs sectors of this month declared war on christianity? yes. they declared war on infidels. anybody who is not of their ilk. we know there is no such thing as property in islam. you don't have sections. this parish priest this bishop or this cardinal or this pastor has control of this area.
11:55 am
you can say all of islam has declared war. we saw paris today, they are screening out islamic phrases. stuart: i don't hear the judge or our political leaders make that case, that islam has declared war. i want a more muscular response from christian authorities to this challenge, this war declared by another religion on us. a more muscular response. while not getting it? >> pope francis is as muscular as i have never seen him. he said some very straightforward fittings. he said diplomats in front of the holy see, there is no such thing as dialogue if you don't condemn isis. that is very strong. we are not going to continue dialogue with you and diplomatic relations if you are saying isis is okay. stuart: what do you make of president obama who seems reluctant to identify and attack islamic terror?
11:56 am
he shows no such reluctance, he doesn't defend christianity and judaism. >> i was shocked the white house spokesman today did not come out and say what everybody was seeing that this was terror. he said was a violent act and he went back and changed 30 minutes later. he said on fox and friends he had both talking points and kept going back and forth and look ridiculous. obviously they have decided we want to be very careful not to call terror terror in order to make other people met. i don't think it is a good way. >> where is the leadership from the moderate muslim community? a strong muscular response from the christian community, but what about your peers, where are they? >> i was on the ground in paris when the riots were going on. i went into those communities as
11:57 am
a priest, i went into those areas where police don't go into and talked to them and there is no integration whatsoever in parisian society of these aging to 25-year-olds. 40% of unemployment in areas where they have the only influence is radical islam. they don't have influence in western society because they are not a part of it and paris has decided, france has decided to have extremely extremely liberal immigration policies without having a plan for integration. that is never going to work. stuart: father jonathan morris, thank you for being with us on an important day. we are following developments in paris where the manhunt continues for three gunman who carried out the attack that killed 12 people. we are going to cover that throughout the next hour. president obama the obstructionist in chief. juan williams on that next. will be defend the veto threat? our 2 two minutes away.
11:58 am
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12:00 pm
>> >> the two stories that dominate the debris are on both of them. number one. the terror attack in paris and attack of a newspaper publishing cartoons of mohammad and fall over dead including the editor in the leading cartoonists. terror is a threat every where in the west. basic freedoms especially freedom of speech are under attack from his long. the obvious question, does it come here again? number two. the president issues to veto threats thing goes "on the road" to talk about working with congress. the issue is who is the obstructionist? the president will not sign a pipeline built for a bill to change the obamacare work rules. we brought in an hour all stars to deal with this. john hofmeister and juan
12:01 pm
williams and of market to rally. we have a show for you. straight to the pair is terrorist attack. colonel peters on the show last our says no doubt this was an organized attack. >> a very impressive terrorist operation this was clearly will plant they were well armed and to cool and methodical this was a military operation. no question about it. stuart: one williamses with us. you heard colonel ron peters. why is president obama reluctant to identify and attack islamic terror?
12:02 pm
>> the first for most he has put out a statement that it is a terror, a horrific attack to express support not only in terms of the emotional support for the french but you also give logistical support to go after these terrorists. but what you're talking about is we have already seen there was a cartoonist in seattle to who did a political cartoon who has gone into a holiday. they went after a documentary maker in europe you talked about the abuse of muslim women. it is now worldwide and it is a cancer that has to be stopped. stuart: doesn't the president have to be stronger or more firm? he seems somewhat sympathetic to is long. he does. >> but not to extremism or
12:03 pm
terrorism. stuart: he you rarely criticizes directly head-on in does not meet that challenge. >> i really trying to hear you because i remember president bush made an effort to go visit the islamic center here in washington to make it clear it is not a war against islam but the extremists to destroy the state. stuart: wide recall the ft. hood shootings workplace violence. why is the bursting of the mouth of the press secretary this morning not this is a terror attack? it took 30 minutes of revision to get to that point. y eight north they saying we're going of -- after these people? imitation definitely go after terrorism. but they have to be careful to know what they're talking about. you want to know where you are talking about to be sure
12:04 pm
you are identifying this is an apparently now to say this is tied to radical islamic extremists in ice is a particular after what that magazine was doing this satire for several days. but all lots of this goes back to make it clear that after the united states experience after 9/11 we are not going after all muslims but the extremist. stuart: i have to deal with market action in. stage here. i will be right back the the. going to wall street we're coming back nicely. a new high for today's session from 200 points. the federal reserve will make a statement in a couple of hours, maybe the market feels the fed will say we will not raise interest rates anytime soon. now looking at the interest
12:05 pm
rate barometer with a 10 year treasury yield back below 2% but also be down below 2% with the price of oil, $46 of beryl earlier we're still at the national average remember one year ago and was higher. john i will make a stretch between what happened in paris today and the threat to veto the keystone pipeline. we should to make them more energy independent. >> are you reading my
12:06 pm
script? i have been saying that for several years but we have to take care of north american energy security if we expect to have the kind of future for our children and grandchildren. the whole battle of the keystone pipeline coming it is fiction to have an infrastructure president who will not build the biggest infrastructure project that is shovel-ready then you have politicians on the republican side who are accusing the president with the bill that will be based on what he said before. so why can't they sit down to come up with something that is good for the american people instead of the agenda that does nothing for the country? stuart: will this pipeline never be built? >> but not under obama. he has shown every
12:07 pm
indication to be hostile to fossil fuel. he may take victory laps that we increased oil production but on federal land permits are down 50% and production is falling. what type of leadership is that that will fuel the economy for years to come. >> today we drop $46 a barrel. that was the low now with bounces back at 48. is 46 though lower could we break that low? i am starting to ask for a forecast. >> $100 a barrel. >> what is the reasoning on that? >> the faster it falls, the faster the industry will shut the door on drilling to
12:08 pm
get it back up we will be short oil by the third quarter this year because the equilibrium in balance is simply not very large. with a 50% drop of the oil price. it is what it is. >> but it takes that long i am looking at $2 gasoline. day you agree? >> december should enjoy it as long as they can't. stuart: former president of shell. thank you for joining us. back with one volumes. i want to talk about a veto of the pipeline. now the president is threatening to veto any move for a 40 hour week under obamacare. just for the benefit of the viewers is the worker goes 30 hours a week the provider
12:09 pm
has to provide health insurance there is movement to the part-time work. republican wants to make it the 40 hour work week but the president says we will not do that. where do you stand? >> i see the politics of it it doesn't matter where i stand personally but the politics are as follows that from the president's perspective he has the unions and employers at each other's throats to say we don't hire people because if we keep them now we have to pay health insurance with this is providing more health care to more people i don't thank you will see it again as a veto from the president along from the medical device tax. stuart: is the key is the obstructionist president offering to be those thing
12:10 pm
goes out on the campaign trail saying he wants to work with congress. he is obstructing things. >> battled think so. i think the republicans in congress have been the obstructionists but the president and mitch mcconnell said they can work on tax reform and trade deals and hopefully to pick up on infrastructure. let's look at where there is potential for common ground but know they will make any headway on those items but in terms of politics than is what we talk about with the 30 or 40 hour work week gore the exxon pipeline but the pipeline -- the politics our stock. there polarized we will just dealing with trumbull's sides. stuart: thinks for being with us today. you address the issues head on.
12:11 pm
the market is up straight up. maybe this is because the federal reserve makes a statement that says don't look for higher interest rates anytime soon. may be. now we have remounted winning again up five and 1/4%. >> this is the unbelievable stock. up 60% in the last 52 weeks you could think of the individual pleiads but they're pushing for word with a cold beverage unit they will release soon. dr pepper snapple seven-up is under their umbrella. they did not release the
12:12 pm
terms of the deal but basically that you could make these things at home. that is the idea green mountain is though later today:ashley winner. stuart: said deepfreeze across a large portion of the country dash temperatures. in d.c. we're losing over freedoms and after the break people who are obsessed with taking self these are a day cycle pass? dr. apple is next.
12:13 pm
12:14 pm
12:15 pm
12:16 pm
57 the fed chairman almost $1 billion because it was not enough? said is the ex-wife of a fracking pioneer is clearly number $8 billion from the 18 billion with the top of the price of oil. his wife says she is entitled to more than 975 billion if so she rejected the big check. have you ever seen a check for this much before? she rejected it proposed to take celsius -- selfies have up psychopathic traits. from ohio state university who to discuss this better than dr. keith ablow. i take selfies so i am a psychopath? i don't think they're ready to declare that people who take a lot of celsius --
12:17 pm
selfies but i don't advise it when we talk about psychosis in its most terrible form is fixed and false belief and there is nothing to be suspicious of at all. when you pose you look good you could be having the worst day of your life they were opposing -- you are posing but the reality is nobody cares. i'm sorry. i am here for you. stuart: i am a narcissist. the a psychopath i reject that entirely. stuart: i do glad you are on the show today. thank you.cent of people claim they did not take guessing gold vacation.
12:18 pm
this is what i said yesterday. >> america is selling in the of strivers that allows people to come here, go to work to climb up if that means dedication to work to get up in society? >> did you just come back from vacation? >> some people took me to task and john said this coming from a guy who's just had the last two weeks of? but dr. keith ablow you do see my point? we're not the country where we wanted to take it easy that is not america. >> is someone decides between paying the mortgage and get to the beach i think pay the mortgage even if that is working every day but i bet there are people who were working every day
12:19 pm
because ballantine for them means they think about their lives are making changes. they need that retreat. that means collecting yourself in private with a measure of a great man. >> this is why i employed to parents in north carolina after seeing surveillance footage of their kids i say the parents did exactly the right thing you will agree with me on this? >> i know you think i would but i don't because in the end of there were my kids i would say here is the footage of what my kids did you better render gold
12:20 pm
standard care or i will turn them is because i don't know what i want them to have the record? probably not. stuart: you think that is the of sir? >> i think we could treat 80% or 90 percent of the people convicted of crimes especially violent crimes. >> you want to taxpayers' subsidy? >> no. because we just won't be bold enough for courageous enough i don't know why. >> i heard that about obamacare. that did not quite work out. >> that was not in favor of obamacare but i am of let me call close the presidency and open more hospitals.
12:21 pm
i was right about that and i write about this. >> i am convinced there will be a lot of comments. >> i have not met one criminal who was not relented in childhood they were born good a and they can be reclaimed. stuart: is a basic human condition goodness? >> every baby is born with the capacity for extraordinary good news. that is the headline today and there is some potential to reclaim even the worst person you could pose to meet. stuart: i need to get on your couch fast. of live report from the deep freeze in the midwest with negative temperatures. jeff flock has the story.
12:22 pm
>> here is your teacher. [laughter] i could kill somebody with that. [laughter]
12:23 pm
12:24 pm
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12:25 pm
stuart: three of.
12:26 pm
to storm a magazine known for satirizing ismkno=]fmg rtygkn'3 !q leading car3 z) in paris. of obsession eyes, and % fed releases its minutes. it is warmer but it and the trip
12:27 pm
today. we are standing in what is now all, 29 eleanor sustained winds gusting 25 miles an hour, the little machine up here. in-line of that machine it's the wind chill in the-20, minus 30 range. and it is worse before it gets better. not only here in chicago but elsewhere around the midwest as far east as buffalo. it will be called even in new york. this is nasty. stuart: we keep this short because we don't want to leave you standing in that frigid temperatures but you give us a good idea how cold it is. we have agreed to minute warning day. there is a statement about the paris terror attack. before we get there, we talk about pat co, the first war to
12:28 pm
stop selling chinese-made dog treats, a thousand dogs have been killed, died since 2007 because of tainted chinese dog treats. an important story to a lot of people. >> these are toxic to read, what are called jerky treats made of sweet potato, the fda looking at an ingredient called glycerin that may be plant based. and it may be derived from that plant and may be in these toxic treats the second thing people need to know, the fda is warning manufacturers do not need to list the country of origin for the ingredients in the street so you may be buying the product that has ingredients from china in the street and will not be lifted so you need to watch out
12:29 pm
for those two things. stuart: i'm surprised at the numbers involved, a thousand dogs died since 2007 because they ate these tainted treat imported from china. astonishingly liz: and astonishing number in human beings apparently signals by touching the treats as well. 5600 pets have been sickened. stuart: new video from the white house president obama meeting with vice president biden moments ago, listening please. >> my deepest sympathies. i think that all of us recognize france is one of our strongest allies.
12:30 pm
they have been with us at every moment from 9/11 on dealing with terrorist organizations around the world. and what took place today, reenforces once again -- of fact that this was a journalist on free press, these terrorists here are abridging speech and freedom of the press, one thing they are not talking about is the values we show in the belief
12:31 pm
in universal freedom. so i found cooperation with a friend who is excellent and every assistance we can moving forward. it will be important for us to make sure to recognize these kinds of attacks that happen anywhere in the world. with respect to americans living in paris and europe and the middle east and other parts of the world. with traces of this and help to
12:32 pm
advance. in the end the most important thing i want to say is our thoughts and prayers are with the families and with the people of paris and the people of france. what that beautiful city represents the culture, the civilization that is so central. and those -- ultimately they will be provided and the people of france. thank you very much. stuart: the president speaking about the attacks in paris calling them a cowardly, evil
12:33 pm
act, called it senseless and violent and a senseless attack. he did not use the expression islamic terror. that was the president moments ago. the dow industrials up over 200 points. we are up 188. a combination of the fed may be having positive news on interest rates later this afternoon and may be a good jobs report coming up this friday. those potential positives putting the market up to the tune of 2 points but remember we are down 500 in the last two days. tres knippa is coming in from chicago. the fed will fire up the printing presses again. what do you think? >> i would imagine that the fed is in an increasingly difficult position. look what is going on in europe. is not pretty and i can assure you some of the fed language and some of the fed's tone is going to be very cautious, to the
12:34 pm
surging rates higher too soon because they are afraid of what is going on in the global economy. i believe crude-oil to be an indication of a general slowing down in europe and chavez so i would imagine it would be my guess the fed will relieve rates too low for too long. that has been their history. janet yellen's success at predicting a recession is zero. she has and predicted one of them. we are counting on her to looking to her crystal ball which is pretty clouded and tell us when we are going into recession. stuart: that is why the market is up close on 200 points at this point, what some investors actually wanted least in the short term. tres knippa, thanks as always for joining us see you again soon. is america a drift? are we on the brink of losing the freedoms we love so dearly? british author who has been living in the state for 30 years thinks yes, we are losing those
12:35 pm
freedoms. the premise of his new book of free people's suicide. that is a strong title. he joins us. you refer here to the loss of two freedoms. first of all the loss of the freedom of conscience. elaborate please. >> freedom of conscience for the american founders was the bedrock, first liberty. it is treated as an element in the culture wars or a subset of freedom of speech or whatever. it is not given the dignity. is viewed as religious liberty, liberty for the religious, not bad rock freedom of everybody's conscience. that is one reason. is slipping so badly in the last two years. freedom of speech. stuart: another free and you say we are losing elaborate. >> freedom of speech is the more popular one compared with freedom of conscience. you can see a tax on it, people invited to speak to universities
12:36 pm
and then disinvite or the terrorist attack by the muslim extremists today. you can see freedom of speech is under korean discussion and so on that is pretty obvious but the one that is more and battled is freedom of conscience which has always been the bedrock convictions. stuart: the word blame is too strong but do you think there has been an erosion of these freedoms particularly in the last six years of the obama administration? >> certainly in that time and they started out saying freedom of worship which is a weekend feeble thing compared with freedom of conscience but it goes back far longer than that. you can take the beginning of the culture wars starting in 1947, madeleine mario hair and things like that. you see these things are part of the culture wars and they're not bedrock convictions that are true for all americans. i argue not for a sacred public square with any religion
12:37 pm
dominant or a naked public square with all religions excluded but a simple public square where everyone's conscience is respected. we now deal with each other civilly and persuasively, a vision that needs articulating. stuart: i lived in america 40 years and throughout that time i always felt this was a truly vibrant democracy where real freedoms existed and you felt it. to me you can feel it. liberty is something you can feel, you can perceive it in your life around you. you feel the same way? >> i do and i lived here 30 years and i am not american. i am from england and a great admirer of this country but take something like freedom, for the american founders it was negative, freedom from, colonialism for example, or today freedom from addictions. it is also freedom for, freedom to be it was positive. today pretty well all-american freedom is negative, libertarian freedom from and that is simply
12:38 pm
unsustainable. in other words the word sustainability is everywhere. sustainable this that and the other but not sustainable freedom and yet sustainable freedom is actually more important than any of these other each use of the freedom is slipping. live free or die. today's american challenge is live in it or lose it and that is what is happening with freedom. stuart: i would agree with you. what a pleasure. come and join us in new york because we will talk at some length. thank you. i want to get back to paris. the president delivering a statement. she did not use the phrase islamic terror. he called it a cowardly evil act, he said it was senseless violence, he did not say islamic terror. >> this is in keeping with what the white house and the president has been saying. he said months ago isil is not islamic.
12:39 pm
what he's trying to say is these terrorists do not present the true faith of islam. in order to fix the problem you have to correctly named the problem. it is islamic terrorism because it is terrorism driven by islamic ideology. stuart: the president seems unwilling to confront the reality of the situation. islam has declared war on the west, declared war on christianity in judaism. >> many have declared war on christianity and judaism. stuart: why doesn't the president say it? and have a muscular response that we will confront this? liz: let me venture is this. critics said there is an overweening political or redness that is damaging the war against people who are attacking innocents like islamic terrorists are doing. even george w. bush said that these terrorists are traitors to their own faith but he was not reluctant to say islamic terrorism is the problem nor
12:40 pm
were people in george w. bush's administration reluctant to name a what it is. that is an ideology that says people are infidels, unworthy to exist on this planet and of the islam faith they should basically be eliminated. stuart: ralph peters on this program said we lost the will to fight for our values. liz: not everyone has lost the will to fight for values. i don't agree with him on that. stuart: two senators, one republican and one democrat responded moment. but i'm a bit skeptical of sure things. why's that? look what daddy's got... ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! growth you can count on from the bank where no branches equals great rates.
12:41 pm
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nicole: ion nicole petallides, after five days of selling the s&p 500 years seeing up arrows across the board, the nasdaq and diaz and be all with the arrows each gaining more the 1%, the dow up 190 points. it is a record day on wall street. dow component walmart, one of the leaders today, the dow component hit a record. other winners include nike and johnson and johnson. sporting goods jumping, stock a 10-1/4%. the 10 year bond is at 1.7%. delivery for boeing's hit a record of 1.5%.
12:43 pm
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thanks. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to able global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ ♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ stuart: the terror attack in paris, president obama calling at coward the evil act, he did not use the term islamist terrorists or islamic terror. we are joined by senators john homan of north dakota, joe mentioned democrat west virginia. what do you think about the
12:45 pm
president not specifically using the expression islamic terror? >> i saw what i saw this morning, when it broke this morning, let us know what had gone on, everybody that has seen this everybody has evaluated, everyone from the french government called a terrorist act and i think that is what we should be describing it as a terrorist act and we have to be vigilant. anywhere in the world this can happen and it is being shown that and we have to be vigilant against that but these are radical terrorists, and they were very active. stuart: in seems to me we should build the pipeline, we want energy independence especially at a time like this. we don't want to be buying oil from people trying to kill us. why is the president going to veto the pipeline in a situation like this. >> hearts and prayers go out to
12:46 pm
the victims and their families, we need to do everything we can to prevent that terrorist attack and that kind of extremism and the secure energy future is an important part of doing that and we need infrastructure like pipelines to have the kind of energy plan and kennedy future we want for the country. stuart: does this give a new push to getting that pipeline built. >> i would like to think so. the more or less we are dependent on foreign oil the better we are protected the more secure we are as an asian it goes without saying we see what is happening around world. we don't want to transfer funds to countries will be used against us and that has been going on too long and we are dealing with the best trading partner we have, the best ally anyone could hope for in canada. it is a win/win for all of us and we were hoping through a good process, and open process, democrats, republicans working
12:47 pm
together that we would have something the president could say it has gone through a process that has not proceeded, we like this piece of legislation, let's move on with it. stuart: if it gets to the president's desk and he says he will veto it do you have enough votes in the senate to override that veto? >> that is what we are working on. we have 63, we are working on an open process trying to continue to build bipartisan support for the legislation and at the end of the davis is about energy jobs economic growth national security like you are talking about and the public overwhelmingly wants this project 70% in polls that is what the president works for. the people of this country, we all work for the people of this country, that is to the decision needs to be made for. >> this open process, lot of democrats like myself, eager to participate in an open amendment
12:48 pm
process. we have good amendments coming from the democratic side which held the bill, we have a republican congress willing to let these and evaluate them and if we pick up four more democrats because of the strong amendment process, and we have a much better piece of legislation, hopefully the 67 votes we need. >> we want to break through the grid lock. the president needs to start working for congress. >> breaking news on the sony act. they got sloppy, and posted used exclusively by north korea, the fbi urging the intelligence community, declassify the information that linked north korea to the hack. you have been covering this. liz: more breaking news from the fbi. i am in touch with law-enforcement. fbi director james comey is
12:49 pm
speaking right now in man hadn't, direct quote, we know who hacked sony. it was the north koreans. what he is saying is the servers are based in north korea north korea controls the internet controls the computer network, the servers in communication with guardians of the peace and guardians of the peace were in direct contact with this cybergained with north korean servers, basically used the servers to attack sony. bernard: when they are using that as evidence that was definitely the north koreans, there's plenty of white hat hackers, good guys to say was an inside job. liz: we don't know if the hackers hooked up with an insider at sony but the fbi is nailing it down, they are saying make no mistake, it was north korea who attacked sony. stuart: a have come out clearly on that. big names, you know them, they are out there and look cheap at
12:50 pm
the moment. we have tesla, amazon, netflix. which ones would you buy at these depressed levels? we are on it.
12:51 pm
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stuart: i am going to call this a modest bounce back currently we are up 187 points. i will run through the big names that have been beaten down, see whether you should or should not bite and that these lower levels. sean delany joins advice. test the -- to as much, buy or not at this level? >> bought the car is, sell the stock. it is a good time to protect yourself. tesla has a 50% drop that it. no reason to buy the stock doesn't yield any thing, doesn't provide income, doesn't make any money so what is the point? it has been a darling, but if you look at the grass this is an attack going further down. stuart: said it, tells it like he sees it. what about amazon? >> no reason for me to own amazon. no reason investors want to own
12:55 pm
the stock. it doesn't provide any yield. here is a company that is 1 $86 billion market capitalization producing $85 billion in revenue and loses money. this is no reason for me to own this stock. as a big drawback of it. both of them, it is time to take a look. stuart: how about netflix? >> it is the worst. i don't understand the 4% profit margin with price-earnings multiple of 80, makes no sense to me. this stock doesn't yield the anything to hold it. all three of these have been darling stocks that they started rolling over in 2015. if you look at their graphs they are well below there 200 day moving average which is a benchmark, long-term viability of halting company's stock. they are way below. they look frankly terrible. stuart: i will try one more.
12:56 pm
how about google. >> i love the company. it is terrific. stock however is overprice at these levels. i am negative on the market short-term. we could see serious correction and if we do then google will come down with the rest of the market. one of those darling stocks and investors -- it is not really looking pretty good at this point. again trading well below its 200 day moving average. the graph looks horrible, these four leadership stocks are all in the tank, no reason to buy the now. if anything it is a great time to look for protection on all of them. stuart: looking for a short-term big-time correction spell it out. >> head winds are many and we have seen the mall before but they are coming to a head once again and will the fed come to our rescue? will the ecb and central bank come to the rest? there's only so much they can do. at some point of the markets will overwhelm central bank
12:57 pm
efforts to support them and we are getting close to is that time. i don't know if it will be the first or second quarter. i wouldn't put it past the market's turning in the first quarter and what we are seeing today is a lovely balance but on negative short term if we get past it by late summer then maybe the second part of the year might look better. i am not hopeful. stuart: we hear you and like what you got to say but we hear you. thanks very much. we have more varney for you in a moment.
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
>> >> i read this this morning from a newspaper that said free-speech is free speech is a free-speech no buts. hopefully the french know that now. >> she used to live in france with the update on paris with the terrorist attack. the crowds are gathering.
1:00 pm
>> 11,000 people are signing up to social media in support of this french newspaper also in london and berlin and montreal and brussels. >> all the equipment coming a pound monster sues apple over the headphones purchase by beets and we will tell you what is at stake the consumer tech show in full swing in las vegas and we will show you the of yvette. now snapping a five day losing streak we will be joined with a contrarian view of the volatility. with president of of his recent meeting with the mexican president immigration was-- essentials topic securing borders between the two countries patrols have been news in the u.s. since 2004. a new report shows them to be more


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